About Me

Monica R. Sholar was born on July 10, 1981 in Detroit, Michigan.  Raised by a musical family, which consisted of her parents, two older brothers and younger sister, it wasn’t long before she was singing in the choir and taking dance lessons.


A graduate of the Detroit High School for the Fine and Performing Arts, Sholar was no stranger to artistic expression. Modern dance was the platform normally used for her storytelling, so it came as a surprise when she stumbled upon her undeniable talent for writing. Now scrawling stories on pages instead of on stage, her doodlings would blossom into her first work of fiction. 


Sholar spent time studying many great American authors, learning their strengths while honing a voice of her own. After years of continuously crafting her skill, her efforts began to pay off. In 2009, her first work of fiction, No Pie In The Sky was published. Followed by Loves Me Loves Me Not, and The 24th Letter, this original work became the basis for her signature Belle Isle Heights fiction series.